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BPL tour MATIA BAZAR 1982 by Sonja Annibaldi.

He studied at the musical conservatory of Genoa, which is also its place of birth, in piano and composition, polistrumentista, sound also guitar, breaths, percussions, equipped of large-capacity to programming electronic and uses the most modern musical technologies. 

After several experiences self-produced he becomes part in 1981 of the pop group MATIA BAZAR During this time he gives the group a refined spirit for postmodernism which it, with three albums 1981/84, and scaling the record charts of average world. To remember the participation to  Sanremo Festival 1983 with the album TANGO and the unforgettable Vacanze romane in many countries as the number one applied. It refined its composition talent with songs as Palestina, Elettrochoc, Bambini di poi. Also Casa Mia, written with the architect Alessandro Mendini and exposed in the Modern museum Art  of New York.

Great success takes him to much promising environment avant-garde of the theatre, sees theatre biography  and with the increasing indie movement of Florence where in little years he realizes agreements and collaborations with rock-products. LITFIBA calls him  in 1990 to record El Diablo, (600.000 copies) and other to the combact labels IRA: DIAFRAMMA, MODA, VIOLET EVES, NEGRITA, NICOMAGALOTTI  aka NICONOTE of VIOLET EVES.

By April 1984 he directs on together with contralto MARIACINZIA BAUCI  the interdisciplinary group MELODRAMA with which a most personal paste between electronics elaborates, belcanto, popular acoustic sounds, exotic rhythms, mediterraneità.  In 1990 MELODRAMA, after three album becomes attended MEDITERRANEAN ENSEMBLE from musicians of Mediterranean roots which, with instruments originate them and songs in the owns languages, with originating instruments and voices creating a new sound.

A lot of festival Italian and European see protagonist they, on unforgettable tour: GUERRILLAS DE LA SIERRA 96/09  dedicated to the cuban myth of the commander Ernesto "Che" Guevara, and for 50year old paper of the UmanRights , the tour DIRITTICOLORI 98/2009 is still production. Eclectic composer for theatre, video, performance, cinema, great events, cd rom, but not stranger to the record mechanisms, easy accompanies the own created compositions for others, often becoming actor/musician and always executing from authentic korrepetitor music from the alive one. 

For this reason in 1992 he comes convened from IMPRO', first teatrale company of improvisation directed from FRANCESCO BURRONI from an idea of Gravel/Leduc, composing the official italian hymn "To the castle of Elsinore" exceeding beyond 100 match. 

Since many years partners of LEO BASSI of international comic, in a multiplicity of festivals and meetings approximately around the globe to create for its rare gift spontaneous stage actions. Also the list of the artists and theatres and TV directors with which it co-operated is long, between the others remembers: Alessandro Benvenuti, Patrizio Roversi & Susy Blady, Davide Parenti, Le Galline, Rick & Clive, Kelvin Ramon, Fratelli Colombaioni, Frank Herscher, Michel Crespan, Teatro Ingenui, Magopovero, Angelo Longoni, Jay Natel, Paolo Pierazzini, Manuel Cristaldi, Marco Mattolini, Jango Edwars, Ray Graham, Boris Vecchio, Valerio Peretti Cucchi  Johnny Melville, Aldo Vinci, Vanni de Lucia.

Among other things it is from 1994 on responsible for various multimedial production editors, for original sound tracks (film music), for CD ROM's and DVD's.

In the year 1995 it is invited by the Ministry for culture at Cuba. Realized there the movie music to the documentary film over Ernesto Che Guevara "CHE: LOVE, POLITICS, REVOLUTION " of TERESITA GOMEZ on the occasion of 30° and 40°.years of death. It the price for the best musical becomes broad-rises up "Che Guevara" the yearly 1996 in Cuba lend.

Beginning of the years 2000 he still works with rockband LITFIBA together around the new way of the group to determine again. The route ELETTROMACUMBA, with more than 40 shows in Italy and Europe, is a public success. The CD to the Tour LIVE ON  LINE it comes distributed on Internet to January 2001. It records also INSIDIA new cd of the LITFIBA exited in october.

The year 2002 begins under the best auspices.The teather collaborations, great return to MATCH IMPRO' TEATRALI, and musical increase (realization and recording of a brano for lounge band THE TRANSISTORS in world-wide escape, produced from great GAK SATO), while the ENSEMBLE prepares a world tour dedicated to the HUMAN RIGHTS.

Pianist of the ensemble of ELENA BONELLI, refined singer of international productions (Liza Minelli, Julette Greco') in world tour NAPOLI NA' on the neapolitan songs from the year 200 until today. At the same time, thanks large return of the sounds of the 80ger years, he construct new postmodern show  EUROSHIMA  based on post office-decays electronics, with which he celebrates the 40year of career...

He begins a profitable co-operation with Jarè a multimedia center of Valerio Peretti from StrisciaTV, with this he realizes numerous music productions. Exited new cd GRAMSCI BAR  distributed from the EDEL on Canticchiarè licence, it receives to the MEI special mention for year 2003. The tour from 2004 with name GRAMSCI BAR RESIST  it is already happening of tendency public.

There year 2005 begins with a wonderful conception under direction of Amancio Pezzolo.  Camalli  is the title of the work those Genua dock labourers is dedicated. In scene Amancio Pezzolo, vice-consul of the company. Perhaps from the teatrale job a new one gushes cd... To the debut also the teatrale job The ship of gold written and directed from Mariacinzia Bauci on the life of Felicita Fray.



he continues... (hopefully)...

Servizio fotografico per "Saudade Che" 1995

Marziane tour 1988.Stella conquistata in un match teatrale della Liit.Servizio per Heros/Helden di Alberto Terrile.Foto by Manuel Cristaldi.Trovate dissacrante suonare sulla tomba di Strawinsky?La mia moto bmw...quanti concerti in giro.Quando lavoravo alle radio private, Radio Liguria, Radio genova International, Radio Zodiaco.Prove del Tempo del sole tour 1981 Matia Bazar.Foto by Gak Sato.Servizio di Bruno Oliviero per Tango Matia Bazar.Tempo del sole tour 1981 Matia Bazar.Autofoto Milano 2005.


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Teatro Alcione Genova 1976.Capital intervista.jpg (265839 byte)Col basco in Helden tour 88.Foto by Giovanni Hans Piu 1978.Tempo del sole Tour 1981 Matia BazarMauro bn.jpg (45324 byte)Radio Genova International 1975.