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Dedicated  to Ernesto Guevara de la Sierna in occasion of 30th of its celebrated passing 9 October 1997 and soundtrack of movie and cdrom CHE, LOVE, POLITICS, REVOLT of Teresita Gomez inspired to book of Liliana Bucellini passing in 2004.

The musical brani composed from Mauro Sabbione bring back to us in some precious moments of the life of "Che" and they space from Cuba to Palestine, from Per¨ to Bolivia, from Argentine to Russia.

An opera that it travels over again the places, the people, the memories, the emotions, the ideals, of the america latin hero. A present time travel closely also today, after the fall of communist block and the predominion of that capitalism.

The multimediale operation, produced from Giuseppe De Gaetano and Eduardo Carrasco places side by side to you from culture-farms as Zelig and Baldini & Castoldi sponsored from the Ministry of the Cuban Culture have been published in four supports: cd, cdrom, cassette, vhs with to the book reached the quarter edition.

The cd and cdrom, distributed in the specialized bookcases from the Mondadori with to the video it has been considered from journalists and cuban historical, the most complete event realized on the life of the Commander; rewarded like better soundtrack dedicated to "Che" subsequently sold in particular in the South American continent.

MEDITERRANEAN MELODRAMA ENSEMBLE it is the vocation of geography, the fantastic list of mythical places. This time in wonderful travel around to the continent Guevara, wonderful emotional travel of the spirit.

"Once again as it is characteristic of our music thousand true sounds are stirred or are made, beyond every border. The cybermusica is an organism in synthetic part in acoustic and human part that it abhors the borders, the rigid definitions, than all it comprises, and it dislikes the defined kind. "Your music has saudade it has said someone to Cuba, spirit , emotional to us".

The concert of the M.E.M. featuring GUERRILA DE LA SIERRA MAESTRA created name for the SAUDADE "CHE" TOUR in order to celebrate the more visceral side of the multimediale plan to outside of every political rhetorical and custom, has seen the participation of musician with common mediterranean roots that with instruments it originates them and songs in the own languages, have ulteriorly enriched the sonorous weft, popular paste of groves, voices, acoustic sounds, exotic rhythms, mediterraneitÓ.

Dances and musics played in ritagli of time of the war, like in the amphitheaters constructed from "CHE" on the Sierra Mountain.

M.E.M. GUERRILLAS OF THE SIERRA after CUBA tour 95 and the concerts in the social centers, in the politicall festivities  in Italy, he has received a new one I invite in order to play to Cuba the next time.

Musics have been preceded from the exclusive projection of the videofilm "CHE" love, politics, revolt of the Cuban director Teresita Gomez , that it has worked in perfect union with Sabbione in the studies of Latin Mundo TV Cuba and that it contains exited unknown material from arches you of the Ministry of the Cuban Culture.