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I met Leo Bassi in 1985 to Livorno during festival of the Coast the West directed from Paolo Pierazzini. He was a clown metropolitan and he made to infuriate and obviously to crazy laughing the present persons, with actions to say little orthodox for a road show, but was in he a disowned energy that I had not never seen on a stage...

Called me months  after, saying that he used my music while he destroyed water-melons with the electric saw! and praying to me to go to play it from the alive one. From then I have made many festival prestigious, I have turned the world with he, learning things that nobody has never taught to me: the power of the demential show and the art to make the dumb one.

Leo is a stateless person, speaks eight languages running, has many passports, he is grandson of  Jimmy Wheeler english comic of years 50, and heir of one of the greatest italian/french families than circus. He's pure specialty is the antipodismo, his  father Leon Bassi has been the best one to the world, before he obviously, to making to whell round on the legs whichever thing.

Arrived in Italy thanks to the call of Roberto Bacci of Pontedera Theatre  has begun to introduce its work of road like The smaller circus of the world in the festival, creating most numerous spectacular participations, always originate them. He has to its assets also various transmissions with Piero Chiambretti in a tv show, even if the italian tv full of repetitive comics  has snub he, he been also for many years matador in the discotheques with wonderful performances.

Member of the Clown sans frontieres, ago part of the world-wide historiography of the clowns like Jango Edwars, Johnny Melville, Tourtell Poltrona, Dimitri, Colombaioni Brothers, Bustric etc... also has received numerous prizes for the comic actions in the world, and between movies that he has turned is Illuminata of John Turturro with Susan Sarandon.

Although he is perennially in tour in the world, lives to Palma of Majorca, realizing transmissions of happening, and initiatives against bad TV show like the attack against  grande hermano serial tv show omonimo of the big brother, or Ghost Otra  of Laura Inclàn, against the power of the musical americans comedies . He has founded also party HLC Hasta Los Cojones that is a movement been born against the power of Spanish soccer.

For while knowing other news on Leo Bassi  go to personal web  www.leobassi.com. I give you sometimes history devastating festival that I have lived with he (in continuous modernization) ...



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