LEO BASSI MUSEUM                                                         

     1905  Gran Circo Bassi.

    Bassi Marcellis  troupe 1920 acrobati ed equilibristi.

    Bassi-Troupe 1880 clowns-acrobats.  My great-grand father, Giovanni with brother and cousins, around about 1880. His father was also in the buisness but we have unfortunatly no documents.

    Circus Marcelis, 1935. My Grandfather, Marcel and my father, Leon (as a boy) in the thirties. Proud of their new car in front of their miniature circus Marcellis.

   Helena Bassi dancer.

   Grand Cafe Concert, 1891 A strange jump in time. A poster of my great grandfathers troupe in Utrecht where 106 years later I inaugurate the Internet Circus.

   Circus Fanni 1920 My grandfather, Marcel, around the year 1920 with the legendary side-show circus Fanni in Paris, Foire du Trone.

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