DVD Cover del "Che amor politica y rebeldia" 2007 Egrem/MundoLatino Cuba.
SAUDADE "CHE"                                                                                                                                                                                           


The esclusive photo for the last tour.                        

 The cover of cdrom copies 26.000.

In 1994 I came called from the multimediale producer Giuseppe De Gaetano and from former manager of the Intillimani Eduardo Carrasco, in order to propose music for the 30years of the passing of " Che " that is Ernesto Guevara della Serna. You imagine the astonishment, the fear and the prechosen pride of to have been like western entering in the native land of world-wide music!  Poster tour 95/97

I did not make to find unprepared and I sent to Cuba beyond to the sad brano and solar Saudade Che , dedicated to he, also one splendid version of the mythical Hasta siempre Comandante song from the powerful voice of contralto of Mariacinzia Bauci and played slowly to the piano.

I received a solemn praise from the minister Armando Hart Dávalos in person, that it had fought with "Che"and the promise of being able to use the voice of Comandante and that one of the stainless leader maximo Fidel Castro  The splendid cassette vhs for the direction of Teresita Gomez, music of Mauro Sabbione, duration 45 minuteren, copies 30.000 .  Booklet of Armando Hart Davalos to the cd.

The evening of 30 October 1995 to Piccolo Theatre of Milan during the concert for the presentation of the cdrom, we were embraces to you in scene from the same Minister whom affected my agreement name 57 official version of the song with the famous text of Carlos Puebla.

I obtained also I invite in order to record the cd and for a tour in the island that I realized to November, from good genovese man of sea and musician, I was doubly proud to play Cuba... you go to Cuba 1995 Tour



PREss CD   Official notice prints cd

hasta SIEMPRE   The text of the beautifulst song

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SAUDADE SONG Containing confection multliple cd and cassette.

 The cover of cd in 30,000 copy. The "CHE" without beard in Bolivia.   Multiple confection containing cdrom and the cd.   Revolutionario Sablon the to the plan!   Adrian Mondini to the Cuban Oboe!


 Sergio Limuti (Atroci  Voci) percussionist cubalibre!